World of Crayfish™: A web platform towards real-time global mapping of freshwater crayfish and their pathogens

Currently, World of Crayfish (WoC) trademark is pending registration under No. M2024/00394 of 18.01.2024 at the Romanian National Office for Intellectual Property. The request for trademark award is done under Class 42 of the Nice Classification. The award of the national trademark certification will be followed with a request for international protection at the World Intellectual Property Office in accordance with the Madrid System. All the platform code used is Open-Source: the g3w-suite has a Mozilla Public License Version 2.0, QGIS and PostGIS have GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2 or any later version. The datasets are curated and distributed by WoC as they belong to the original source from which is indexed by each contributor. We encourage citation of these sources when used, and WoC to be cited as the tool for delivering multi-source compilations and various outputs.

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